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Margaret (Peggy) Franklin, MS, LCPC

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"Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come…"

Song of Songs 2:12 NIV

God is always present in our lives, but we may not always feel His presence -- such as the cold, desolateness of the winter on the prairie. However, there is life underneath, just waiting for the warmth of the spring sun and rain.

Counseling can spark the same nurturing that brings the spring rebirth, to our souls, feelings, and emotions.

We all have times in our lives when we feel that we do not know where to turn. Having someone to listen and reflect on our feelings can lead us to our own understanding of our situation.

My mission is to provide supportive Christian or non-sectarian counseling to individuals and families so that they may experience positive growth and change in their lives.

People have to want to make changes in their lives. Change comes from within. We can reflect on our past experiences and understand how our past colors our current thinking and behavior.

We all have choices -- even choices about how we think, react emotionally, and behave. Our spirituality helps us to have the courage and strength to change, or accept (or perhaps detach from) what we cannot change.